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Call for assistance in Fangak County

The author, a youth leader of the Thiang Nuer, calls for relief assistance in his home area in northern Jonglei State and also calls upon the international community to apply punitive measures to those who are responsible for perpetuation of the war.

United Nations Educational Scientific & Cultural Organization Report

UNESCO report titled Building a Better Future: Education for an Independant South Sudan

Sudan photo
BBC Photo

Sudan: One teacher to 100 pupils

Ban Tut, the young head teacher of Akobo primary school, is proud of his institution. His office is in one of the few brick buildings in the southern Sudanese town, off an avenue of trees which was planted before independence in 1956. Click to view site.

AlaskaSudan.org - Alaska to Sudan Medical Project

In Anchorage, Wasilla and Bethel in Alaska, volunteers have taken on an ambitious project in Sudan to build a health center, provide functioning wells and build a latrine system. Click to view site.

United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) Sudan Report

Environmental concerns and possibilities for progress for Sudan are extensively evaluated. Click here for executive summary.
We recommend you get the full report which is about 350 pages including hundreds of photos, tables and maps. (Please note the size is 35MB so downloading would take about 15min using basic broadband or over 2hrs on dialup connection). Click to download full report.

Symposium by MSF highlighting the problems facing TB diagnosis and treatment

Doctors Without Borders / Médecins Sans Frontières site with extensive information from this symposium. Click to view site.

UN Primary Education Report

War-torn southern Sudan has the lowest rate of primary education in the world, a UN report says. Click to view site.

Cholera Epidemic on BBC

Aid agencies face an uphill task in fighting a huge epidemic of cholera in war-ravaged southern Sudan. Click to view site.

Battle Against Kala-azar Time.com Report

Dr.Jill Seaman, and the battle against kala-azar in war-torn Sudan. Click to view site.

CIA Web Site

Overview of facts about Sudan - CIA web site Click to view site.

Crosscurrents Institute

Crosscurrents, a non-profit organization based in Ohio, has worked since 1985 to promote an international climate for peace and human development. Click to view site.

In pictures: Life in a Sudanese leper colony

Several kilometres outside the southern Sudanese capital, Juba, is a leper colony, where those suffering from the ancient but curable disease come for treatment. Click to view site.


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