New Outbreak of Kala Azar, News August 6th 2010

A terrible new outbreak of kala-azar has occurred at Old Fangak. There are now 400 admitted patients and insufficient meds. We will add more information as more news comes out.


Old Fangak Kala Azar update Feb. 2010

The following is a paragraph from Ann Evans in Old Fangak written February 4th.

"As the kala-azar epidemic begins diminishing in Old Fangak, partly because the season is tapering and partly due to double drug therapy shortening the treatment course, the question of ‘what next’ seems to naturally arise. Recently Jill’s calculations showed a 6% over all mortality rate for the epidemic. Sure, we would like 0%; but some come so late and so sick that they are practically dead on arrival. Without the experienced brilliant planning of Jill and Sjoukje and the funds provided by you, our private donors, the death rates could have been so much higher, so much worse; without any intervention the death rate from kala-azar can reach 100%."

 ann evans

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